Funtr Features

Funtr is the perfect app for an evening out with friends. It connects your group of friends with other groups of friends in a super-easy and fun way.

Set Up Your Group

Take a group picture, name your group, gender distribution, age and everything is ready! Your group will be automatically deactivated after 12 hours so you have plenty of time to explore and get in touch with other groups in your vicinity.

Find Funtrs Nearby

Using the interactive map-view or the list-view, you can easily browse for other groups in the vicinity of your group. To further protect your group’s privacy, the precise location of your group will not be provided on the interactive map.

Connect & Meet Up!

Meet new people without any dating pressure and within the comfort of a group setting. You can of course chat with any other groups, and other groups can also be blocked from chatting.

Join the fun, Be a Funtr!

Here's what other Funtrs has to say.

“I have always wanted something like Funtr! Sometimes we just need a helping hand to connect us with the people around us so that we can have a good time. It's safe and fun, why not?”

John Bernadotte, LundDesigner

“Funtr helps to bring hanging out with friends to a whole new level. It's exciting, spontaneous, and you never know what's going to happen.”

Karl Hed, StockholmEngineer

“I love meeting people but meeting them individually is too intimidating. Funtr takes care of that by helping us to meet in groups!.”

Maria Andersson, StockholmStudent

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